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About Us
Meet the Team
Engineers.  Educators.  Technology Specialists.  We are community-minded individuals with a passion for sharing our years of experience with the next generation of innovators.  Want to know more about who we are?
Why Stem Matters


Science, technology, engineering and math skills allow us to solve problems in the real world.  With STEM skills, we can build things stronger, faster and better.  We can find answers to some of the world's most challenging questions.  Those skills translate to real-world jobs, too.  Want to know more?

Transparency and Accountability
We believe the best non-profits are transparent and accountable to those they serve.  That's why we publish our financial and organizational information.  We want our donors, partners and sponsors to know their support is making a real difference.
Our Mission, Vision and Logo

It started with an idea:  to encourage students to pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  It grew into a mission to inspire future innovators and technological pioneers here in the Schoharie and Mohawk regions.

How We Can Help


As professionals with careers in enginering, technology and education, we know the benefits of STEM education.  With our classes, summer programs and clubs, we are constantly exploring new ways to enrich young minds and get students excited about science, technology, engineering and math.  Want to know more about how we can help? 

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