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littleBits Chapter


The Initiative is proud to lead the local littleBits chapter!  As a member of this global network of grassroots organizations, we share the littleBits' mission....putting the power of electronics in the hands of everyone, regardless of age, gender, technical ability or language.


Haven't heard of littleBits?  littleBits is an open-source platform, consisting of small circuit boards, or "bits."  Each bit has a function, such as light, sound, sensors, or buttons.  Because they snap together with magnets, there's no soldering, wiring, or programming required.  Bits can be snapped together in endless combinations, so you can make whatever you can dream up.


Visit our littleBits chapter page or check our calendar for upcoming littleBits events.

Want some of your own? 

We don't blame you!  Shop here and a portion of your purchase price will go toward supporting our programs!

What can you build with littleBits?  Whatever you can imagine!

ROAM YOUR WORLD WIRELESSLY! This remote-controlled bot will do your bidding, thanks to a pair of wireless Bits and a couple DC motors. Use this versatile vehicle to prank your pets, set up a snack delivery system for Mom, or turn your room into a race track!


What sort of adventures will your BitBot go on?

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